Happy and successful massage therapist in doorway to her practice

25 Things Successful Massage Therapists Do Differently

What is it that makes one massage therapist successful while others seem to struggle? This “success” could be measured in terms of economic success, high quality of life, overall career satisfaction, or positive impact in their client’s lives and those around them. Or maybe a combination of these. Why is

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Checkmark excellence

Why You Should Commit to Excellence in Your Massage Practice

Excellence in your profession is vital for success, work satisfaction and overall happiness. A massage therapist who commits to providing an excellent client experience will have more satisfied customers and get more referrals. No client ever says, “You should go see Mary, she’s really average.” Clients want to work with

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Bullseye set goal and hit target to grow massage practice

How to Set Goals to Grow Your Massage Practice

Every massage practice owner should take the time to create goals for their business and themselves. Goals motivate us and keep us moving in the right direction. They help us to become clear about what we really want, and prevent us from wasting time working on irrelevant things. Without a

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Drip marketing strategy to nurture client relations and promote your practice

How to Use Drip Marketing to Promote Your Massage Practice

All thriving massage therapy practices have one thing in common. Their target market knows about their practice and they know how the massage therapist can help them. Drip marketing is one marketing strategy you can use to communicate with your target market, and ensure that you’re the one they call

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happy people talking at social event with title 10 Ways to build rapport with your massage clients

10 Ways to Build Rapport with Clients Quickly

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to connect with others more quickly and easily than you can? These lucky few may have a natural gift or a magnetic personality, or they may have learned the skills to build rapport through practice. Massage practice owners need to develop these skills

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Happy massage practice owner charging her client for services without feeling guilty

How To Not Feel Guilty About Charging Your Clients

Massage therapy is a valuable service that can produce real results. But it requires lots of training, skill, effort and time. So why is it that some therapists feel guilty about charging for their services? Sometimes it is a self-limiting belief that makes the massage therapist feel guilty when charging

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massage therapist working and onsite massage job and creating and awesome experience

7 Ways to Create an Awesome On-Site Massage Experience

Offering on-site seated massage therapy services is a great way to build your massage practice. Onsite massage is even a primary marketing strategy for some therapists. Creating a great client experience at your onsite massage gig is the key to growing your clientele. The type of on-site massage I’m referring

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